Can You Drink This Cup? A Good Friday Responsive Reading



I had to write a responsive reading for our Good Friday service. I thought I’d upload it in case anyone else wanted to use it.

Speaker: Jesus came to destroy the devil’s works and redeem the world to himself. Will you join him in his mission?

Congregation: We will join him.

Speaker: Christ’s victory came at significant personal sacrifice and cost. Will you join him in his mission?

Congregation: We will join him.

Speaker: Will you deny yourself?

Congregation: We will deny ourselves.

Speaker: Will you take up your cross and follow him?

Congregation: We will take up our cross. We will follow.

Speaker: The world will be redeemed by embracing God’s love. God’s love is sacrifice. God’s love gives. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Will you carry this love into the world?

Congregation: We will be patient. we will be kind. We will not envy. We will not boast. We will not be proud. We will not dishonor others. We will not be self-seeking. We will not be easily angered. We will keep no record of wrongs. We will not delight in evil but rejoice in the truth.

Speaker: Christ’s cup was bitter. It was a road full of self-denial that ended in betrayal, an unfair trial, and an undignified death. But without Christ’s death on that cursed tree we could not eat again from the tree of life.

The church is still about Christ’s work, carrying his message into the world. We do this by bearing our cross and drinking from a bitter cup. Can you drink this cup?

Congregation: We will carry our cross. We will drink this cup.

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Jayson D. Bradley
Jayson D. Bradley writes regularly on the subject of Christianity and social engagement. He's a contributor to and spends a great deal of helping faith-based companies create powerful, strategic content with Overthink Group.

3 Comments on "Can You Drink This Cup? A Good Friday Responsive Reading"

  1. Walking the way of love can have a bitter taste. It can be a heavy burden to give up our own way of doing things. Good things to think about.

  2. Dionne Boyice | March 2, 2016 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    Hi Jayson! I love this responsive reading. I see that you stated that you posted for others to use, but I wanted to ask you personally if I could use this for a Good Friday service I will be conducting this year?

    Thank you in advance!

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