Are Christians Overselling Transformation?

In the last 20+ years I’ve served in a variety of churches: Foursquare Baptist Free Methodist Reformed Non-denominational/Emergent Nazarene Despite the differing theologies in these denominations and associations, I have heard one thing over and over: a Christian must “die to self.” Christians are called to voluntarily take up their cross (a torturous device used […]

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Theological Entrenchment: Righter than Thou

If I went to school to study mathematics, I’d (hopefully) be receiving the same education wherever I went. Maybe I’d study different techniques, but they should lead me to the same sums. It’s been said that mathematics is the universal language. Why isn’t faith? As a Calvin student, am I going to get the same education that I […]


Your Gifts Aren’t a Mandate for Ministry

No one’s talents or gifts should be an expressway into ministry. God has gifted each of us with specific talents and gifts from birth. But the fact that someone is musically talented, able to teach, or particularly inspirational is not a license for ministry. With a modicum of biblical knowledge, an ability to speak Christianese, and some […]



Emotional Bullying: Using Guilt to Lead Kids to God

I was talking to a friend who, although raised in the church, is pretty antagonistic toward Christianity. He was talking about his childhood and how Sunday school and VBS constantly beat into his head his personal responsibility for Christ’s death. Not in the “Christ died for your sins” vein, but more like, “It was your […]

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Can We Talk about Biblical Illiteracy in the Church?

“Mystics without study are only spiritual romantics who want relationship without effort.”—Calvin Miller I live in a quaint American town—a Norman Rockwellian picture of small-town USA. There’s a church on almost every corner and a palpable sense of nostalgia down every street. It’s a farm town full of old Dutch families who still resort to their mother […]

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Social Issues


5 Reasons We Should Focus on Poverty Instead of Abortion

Abortion tops a short list of angst-inducing moral issues generating a great deal of fervor and passion for a lot American evangelicals. For many, it’s the sole issue dictating how they’ll vote in any election. While you’d never find me arguing for the validity of abortion (I wouldn’t), I think it’s time for Christians to […]

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The Church

Photo By: Lara Schneider

Before Sharing Your Religious Opinion on Facebook

Abortion. Divorce. Homosexuality. Poverty. When you have a bunch of Christians in your Facebook news feed, you end up being privy to numerous, unsolicited discussions about explosive issues. Maybe it’s a meme or quote image about abortion or commentary on a current event, sometimes one can’t help posting an assertive update about a divisive topic. From there it […]

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