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The stuff I write about

Take a moment to peruse a few of the topics that I tackle.

The Church

There is kingdom comprised of those who have submitted to Jesus Christ, and there is a cultural expression of “church,” and they’re not necessarily the same thing.

Social issues

Are families with Christians more loving? Does the presence of churches make our neighborhoods better? Are Christians known to be advocates for those on the outside? If we’re not making the world better, what’s the point?

Spiritual formation

Spiritual maturity isn’t about filling our heads with the right information; it’s about spiritually empowered transformation. Christianity isn’t supposed to make us more right—it’s supposed to make us more christlike.


Prophet. Priest. Protester. Progressive. Provocateur. Prince. Providence.

He’s more than a justification for our prejudices—he’s the first architect, the prime mover, and the chief initiator.

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