Help! I’m Being Persecuted . . . Aren’t I?

It’s surprising how often Christians in the West talk about their rights being denied. In fact, some media outlets stir up viewership by perpetuating this mythology. “You can’t take my First Amendment rights!” Freedom of speech is one of America’s greatest attributes. I’m surprised, however, how few really understand it or how it works. Freedom […]


Christianity and the Spiral of Silence

Pastor Mark dropped what seemed like an entire ream of paper in my lap. “We’re excited that you’re interested in joining the church,” he said, “I just need you to read through and agree with our statement of faith.” I had led worship at a charismatic church (Foursquare) for 5 years before moving to central […]


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The Golden Rule: It’s the Law (and the Prophets)

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”—Jesus of Nazareth There are not many things I find more beautiful and difficult than the Sermon on the Mount. If any of us can read these words and not be shaken to […]

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Some Scriptural Arguments against an Eternal Hell

I promised to come back and focus on the scriptural reasons why I reject eternal conscious torment (ETC), which is the idea that those who die without Christ will suffer forever in a Hieronymus Bosch painting. After this post, I’ll probably write one more to talk through some arguments for ETC and responses I’ve received from people who […]

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Social Issues


6 Ways to Have a Conviction (without Being a Jerk)

As I write this, my government’s been out of commission for 13 days. Locked in an epic standoff, the two polarized parties running Washington would rather run us into the rocks than find a middle ground. One only need visit Twitter, Facebook, or even their local church to see that the poisonous polarization in Washington […]

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The Church

Part of the problem

3 Reasons Christians Should Shop Locally

There’s a Guitar Center coming to my town. As a musician, I should be pretty excited. Who wouldn’t want a wide selection of amps, wall-to-wall guitars, and competitive prices? I should be excited—I’m not. I’ve lived in this town most of my life. I bought my first guitar (a black Les Paul) with my tip […]

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