5 Reasons I Won’t Give Up on the Local Church

The early 90s were awash in books explaining why Generation X was abandoning the church. In a similar vein, there’s been no shortage of blog posts, books, and conferences about how Millennials are leaving, too. A portion of every generation has pushed the church to grow in areas of sin and weakness. From monastics urging […]

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Gossip: Why We Do It and How We Can Stop

It’s amazing how often and how forcefully the Bible discusses the issue of gossip. But, like greed, we tend to shrug off its importance to focus on more sensational and salacious sins. But you begin to see how serious it is when you consider passages like: “He who goes about as a slanderer reveals secrets, therefore do […]


4 More Christian Sayings I Could Stand to Hear Less

Back in January, I wrote a post about the three phrases Christians should quit relying on. It’s been interesting to read the comments and see how people respond to the rote and sometimes careless things we say. Here are some more Christianese comments I’d be happy not to hear again. 1. “God showed up!” There are […]


Photo: Jacob Bøtter

Wrestling with Universal Truth and Christian Certainty

I had an atheist friend ask me an interesting question after reading one of my blog posts. He asked me, “How much does your Christianity allow for pluralism?” It was an intriguing question and, after spending the evening thinking about it, I replied in a private message. But, after giving it some thought, I decided […]

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5 Principles for Taming Your Study Bible

A study Bible can be helpful when you can’t cart around a lot of secondary study material, but they do have their weaknesses. Here are some suggestions for taking advantage of their strengths. 1. Not all study Bibles are created equal Sometimes when publishers have a bestseller on their hands, they’ll pull out all the stops […]

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Social Issues


“Christian Cleavage” Probably Isn’t the Problem

It was the last and final interview. I’d sat through two discussions with this women already, and I knew that, not only was she going to be an incredible fit in the company, she was going to be an unbelievable asset to my team. As I was sure she would, she nailed the interview. I thanked and […]

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The Church

Image: Craig Morey

20 Resolutions I’m Making for the Church (and Myself)

Dear Church, You and I have had a codependent relationship for a while, but I don’t blame you. I’ve used you to meet my selfish needs just as often as you’ve failed me. While others may talk about breaking it off with you, I refuse to. Despite the mutually destructive dance we often find ourselves in, I […]

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