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5 Christian Books I Wish I’d Never Read

I was recently reflecting on books that had profoundly touched me (look for that in an upcoming post), and I got to thinking about others that, for a time, negatively influenced the way I thought about God, Scripture, relationships, and myself. I’m sure that with each of these examples, there are people who would say that one (or all) […]

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How the Rich Can Make Church a Safe Place for the Greedy

I read Dannah Gresh’s Charisma article How Women Can Make Church a Safe Place for Men and it really struck a chord. Her premise, which isn’t new, is that women need to remember the weaknesses in men and make church a safer place by being mindful about how they dress. This got me thinking: Wealthy people, quit […]


Help! I’m Being Persecuted . . . Aren’t I?

It’s surprising how often Christians in the West talk about their rights being denied. In fact, some media outlets stir up viewership by perpetuating this mythology. “You can’t take my First Amendment rights!” Freedom of speech is one of America’s greatest attributes. I’m surprised, however, how few really understand it or how it works. Freedom […]



Embracing the Heartbreak of the Advent Season

Ferguson, Eric Garner, CIA torture reports, Bill Cosby: I can’t get away from terrible, heartbreaking news. But more than that, I’m dismayed by the fractured, combative nature in the dialog surrounding these issues. I had a friend recently say that she was withdrawing from Facebook through the Christmas season because she just couldn’t take it. […]

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What If the Scriptures Aren’t about Me?

In a recent post about the communal nature of Christianity, I discussed the individualism that’s poisoning the church. Even the way we interact with the Scriptures is often colored by our “me” oriented culture. A lot of leaders encourage me to read the Bible as if it’s a love letter written especially to me. The problem […]

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4 Ways to Hack Social Media for Spiritual Growth

“God is not just saving individuals and preparing them for heaven; rather, he is creating a people among whom he can live and who in their life together will reproduce God’s life and character.”—Gordon Fee Social media has become a natural and important part of many lives. A recent survey says that 79% of smartphone users […]

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I Don’t Want to Be Called a Christian Anymore

I don’t want to be called a Christian anymore. Don’t misunderstand me; I want everything to do with Jesus. But when I see a so-called fellow Christian holding a sign that says, “God hates fags,” and someone asks me, “Are you a Christian too?” I want to say, “hell no.”   When I hear Christian […]

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